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Continent: Asia Population: 255,461,700 (4th largest in the world) Area: 1,130 km² Time Zone: GMT+7 Nearest Airport: Soekarno Hatta international Airport (Jakarta)


Ideal Duration:5 - 6 Days Currency:Indonesian Rupiah Best Time:May to September

The independence movements of Indonesia began in Early 20th century and after world war II, Indonesia achieved independence in 1949 following an armed and diplomatic conflicts with the Netherlands.

Curated Holiday Packages for Indonesia

Indonesia Holidays packages 1

Luxurious Bali 5 Nights

Indonesia Holidays packages 8

Premium Pool Villa S 6 Nights

Indonesia Holidays packages 7

ROMANTIC BALI- Gems 5 Nights

Indonesia Holidays packages 7


Indonesia Holidays packages 8

BALI MFL 4 Nights

Indonesia Holidays packages 7

BALI MFL 4 Nights

Cruise Holidays from Indonesia


Reaching Indonesia from India is easy and air travel is available from all the leading international airports in India. There are two major airports in Indonesia-Denpasar Airport (Bali), and Soekarno Hatta international Airport (Jakarta).
For Indian passport holders, there is visa on arrival which is valid for 30 days.
Cost for the Visa on arrival- USD 35
Indonesia is best explored and enjoyed in Summers as the weather during summer is perfect for water sports activities, outdoor activities and relaxing on beach and going out for shopping. The country is experienced by two seasons-Dry Season and wet Season.
Dry Season (May to October), Wet Season (November to April).
Local transportation in Indonesia is shaped from time to time and now as Indonesia is a popular tourist destination, public transportation is also expanded for the ease of tourists to get around the city and surrounding areas. Public transport in Indonesia includes-
Bus, Train, Ferry and Boats, Taxis.
Taxi Operators-Silver Bird, Blue Bird, Transtaxi, Taxiku.
Uber is also available in Indonesia.
Indonesia runs on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz. Keeping this in mind, it becomes essential to carry all the relevant electrical appliances, to avoid any last-minute problems. We bring you, some of the relevant piece of information about the types of adapters you need to pack up, before boarding your flights to Indonesia:

Travel Adapter : It is a device that allows one to plug-in any of the UK electrical appliance/appliances into another/foreign electrical socket/sockets. A point worth noting here is that it is NOT a voltage/frequency convertor. In Indonesia, there are 3 type of associated plug:
Type A : It is the plug that has 2 flat Parallel pins.
Type B : It is the plug that has 2 flat Parallel pins + 1 Ground pins.
Type C : It is the plug that has 2 Round pins.

Voltage-Convertor/Regulator : Most of the voltage/frequency converters/transformers are coupled with plug adaptors, one need not buy a separate travel adaptor. All the converters/transformers have their Maximum Power Rating (WATTS or AMPS) so ensure that the appliance does not exceed its MPR.

Dual-Voltage Rated Appliance : A Dual-voltage rated device displays e.g. “INPUT: 110-240V” on its body or as power supply. So, a travel adaptor is needed. Indonesia runs on a 230V supply voltage, which lies within the 110-240V range of that of a Dual voltage device.

Single-Voltage Rated Appliance : In Indonesia, the supply voltage is 230V. A single voltage rated device needs to run at the same supply voltage i.e. 230V. Some of the travel adaptors are unsuitable for the appliances that need an earth connection and better be used along with a Double-Voltage Rated appliance.

Top Adapters : Travel USB Wall Chargers, Travel Power Strips, Power Plug Adapters, Plug Adapter sets, Universal Travel Power Adapters etc.
Indonesia restaurants 1

Kelimutu Lake, Nusa Tenggara Timur

Indonesia is a country which has everything from dazzling metropolises to exotic beaches. The country is blessed with endless awe-inspiring attraction...

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Indonesia restaurants 2

Mount Bromo, East Java

Mount Bromo, East Java-Mount Bromo is an active volcano and one of the most visited places in Indonesia. The top of bromo forms a crater and from wher...

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Indonesia restaurants 3

Maluk Beach, Sumbawa island

Maluk Beach, Sumbawa island-Located along the western coast of south Sumbawa island, Maluk beach is the most stunning and beautiful beach in Indonesia...

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Indonesia restaurants 4

Lake Toba, North Sumatra

Lake Toba, North Sumatra- This is one of the biggest and the most beautiful lake in Indonesia, which gives beautiful greenery views from all the direc...

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Indonesia restaurants 5

Dieng Plateau, central Java

Dieng Plateau, central Java-Located almost 2,000 metres above the sea level, Dieng Plateau is one of the coolest destinations in Indonesia, which is t...

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Indonesia restaurants 1

Queen’s of India

Queen’s of India-Located in Kartika plaza, the restaurant is a popular Indian restaurant in Indonesia, serving at four different locations. The ...

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Indonesia restaurants 2

D Bollywood

Indonesia is a culturally rich country and attracts a large number of visitors from across the world, which is the reason why the country has varied c...

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Gateway of India

Gateway of India-Located in Kuta, Bali, the restaurant is popular among the Indian visitors especially for those who are looking for a vegetarian rest...

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Indonesia restaurants 4

Indian Delites

Indian Delites-Located in Ubud, the restaurant is surrounded by lush greenery and give you a scenic view of green jungles all around. The restaurant s...

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Indonesia restaurants 5


Locavore-Located in Ubud, this cosy restaurant is known for its innovative menu and fancy dishes prepared using premium ingredients. The ingredients u...

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Indonesia restaurants 6

Pinisi Resto

Pinisi Resto-Located in Bandung, the restaurant is based on a massive wooden ship, docked by a lake and surrounded with lush greenery. The restaurant ...

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