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Continent: Asia Population: 94 lakhs Area: 83,600 km² Time Zone: GMT+4 Nearest Airport: test


Ideal Duration:5-6 days Currency:UnitedArab Emirates Dirham Best Time:spring

The United Arab Emirates, popularly UAE, experiences a desert climate that is characterized by comfortable and mild winters along with sunny and hot summers. The humidity of the Persian Gulf invites scorching heat.

Curated Holiday Packages for UAE

UAE Holidays packages 1

Romantic Dubai 4 Nights

UAE Holidays packages 6
₹ 38,399

Dubai with Atlantis 4 Nights

UAE Holidays packages 7
₹ 28,099

Dubai Extravaganza - 4 Nights

UAE Holidays packages 7
₹ 30,599

Dubai for First Time 3 Nights

UAE Holidays packages 7
₹ 40,499

Super Luxurious Stay 4 Nights

UAE Holidays packages 7
₹ 36,750

Best of Dubai with A 4 Nights

Cruise Holidays from UAE

UAE Holidays packages 1

Cruise to Mumbai fro 5 Days

UAE Holidays packages 10

Dubai to Mumbai Crui 5 Days

UAE Holidays packages 10

Legends of Arabia Cr 8 Days

UAE Holidays packages 10

Mumbai to Dubai with 5 Days

UAE Holidays packages 10

Round trip cruise fr 8 Days

UAE Holidays packages 10

Round Trip Cruise fr 8 Days


UAE is a beautiful country and best explored in winters and the shoulders months of spring and fall. UAE weather ranges from bit cold winters to high hot summers.
The seasons of spring and fall are also the good time to visit UAE
The best way to reach UAE from India is by flight. You can book a direct or Connecting flight from major airports in India.
The airports of Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi are well connected to all the major destination across the world and receive direct flight from major airports of India like New Delhi, Mumbai, Kochi, Bengaluru.
United Arab Emirates runs on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz. Keeping this in mind, it becomes essential to carry all the relevant electrical appliances, to avoid any last-minute problems. We bring you, some of the relevant piece of information about the types of adapters you need to pack up, before boarding your flights to United Arab Emirates:

Travel Adapter : It is a device that allows one to plug-in any of the UK electrical appliance/appliances into another/foreign electrical socket/sockets. A point worth noting here is that it is NOT a voltage/frequency convertor. In United Arab Emirates, there is only 1 type of associated plugs:
Type G : It is 4 rectangular pins in a triangular pattern.

Voltage-Convertor/Regulator : Most of the voltage/frequency converters/transformers are coupled with plug adaptors, one need not buy a separate travel adaptor. All the converters/transformers have their Maximum Power Rating (WATTS or AMPS) so ensure that the appliance does not exceed its MPR.

Dual-Voltage Rated Appliance : A Dual-voltage rated device displays e.g. “INPUT: 110-240V” on its body or as power supply. So, a travel adaptor is needed. United Arab Emirates runs on a 230V supply voltage, which lies within the 110-240V range of that of a Dual voltage device.

Single-Voltage Rated Appliance : In United Arab Emirates, the supply voltage is 230V. A single voltage rated device needs to run at the same supply voltage i.e. 230V. Some of the travel adaptors are unsuitable for the appliances that need an earth connection and better be used along with a Double-Voltage Rated appliance.

Top Adapters : Travel USB Wall Chargers, Travel Power Strips, Power Plug Adapters, Plug Adapter sets, Universal Travel Power Adapters etc.
All Indians with valid passport and validity of more than six months can apply for UAE visa.
Indians with a valid US visa can get Visa on Arrival at the UAE airport.
The transport options in UAE are seamless and provide seamless connectivity to all part of country. The options are not only fast but comfortable as well.
Taxis, Buses, Metro and Trams.
UAE restaurants 1

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa - The skyscraper like no other is one of the major attraction and landmark in UAE and can be seen from anywhere in the city upon arr...

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UAE restaurants 2

Dubai Safari

Dubai Safari - One of the best adventures to indulge in is the desert safari which involves a thrilling ride on sand dunes in a utility vehicle a...

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UAE restaurants 3

Emirates Fine arts society

Emirates Fine arts society - Suitable for the ones having an appeal  towards locall arts and music, the society is great for witnessing the ...

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UAE restaurants 4

Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah Mosque - The beautiful mosque is only one of its kind which permit the entry of non-muslims six days a week and is known for its remarka...

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UAE restaurants 5

Hatta Pools

Hatta Pools - The serene green place is located at hatta and is perfect for ones willing to relax in greenery amidst turquoise waters. The rich c...

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UAE restaurants 6

Palm islands

Palm islands - The beautiful man made marvel and an archipelago is the most regarded and luxurious locations in UAE. The stunning design and beau...

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UAE restaurants 1

Doors Freestyle Grill

Doors Freestyle Grill - Nested against the stunning backdrops of Al seef Dubai creek, this is a high-end luxurious restaurant. The menu serves a ...

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UAE restaurants 2


Olea - Situated on the waterfront of al Maryah island and with the views of city’s urban skyline, the restaurant is situated within the gra...

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Get a Free UAE SIM Card worth Rs. 1999

Enjoy Free Incoming Calls & Data in Dubai

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