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Continent: Europe Population: 6.64 crores Area: 242,495 km² Time Zone: GMT+1 Nearest Airport: London Heathrow Airport,London Gatwick Airport,London Luton Airport.


Ideal Duration:test Currency:Pound Sterling Best Time:September to November

United Kingdom is mostly cool, cloudy, and infrequently faces elevated temperatures. It is defined to have a temperate oceanic climate. Eastern regions are cooler, drier, less windy and undergo greatest variations in seasonal temperature.

Curated Holiday Packages for UK

UK Holidays packages 1

Phuket - Pattaya - B 6 Nights

UK Holidays packages 7

The Best Of Thailand 9 Nights

UK Holidays packages 7
₹ 1,65,000

England Scotland Ams 8 Nights

UK Holidays packages 10
₹ 1,22,625

Romantic England Sco 8 Nights

UK Holidays packages 6
₹ 1,65,000

England Scotland Ire 9 Nights

UK Holidays packages 9

European Blockbuster 15 Nights

Cruise Holidays from UK

UK Holidays packages 1

4 Days Round Trip Cr 4 Days

UK Holidays packages 10

4 Nights Round Trip 4 Days

UK Holidays packages 10

8 Days Cunard Round 8 Days

UK Holidays packages 10

8 Days Round Trip Pr 8 Days

UK Holidays packages 10

Cruise from Hamburg 4 Days

UK Holidays packages 10

Cruise from Southamp 12 Days


The United Kingdom can be explored throughout the year, as the climate is temperate and does not undergo extremities either during summers or winters.
UK Tourist Visa needs some mandatory documents, for Visa processing. A Blank page on passport is necessary for visa processing. The passport must also be valid for the complete period-of-stay in UK.
Traveling to U.K needs a Voltage converter. One also needs a power plug adapter. The joint plug adapter/voltage converter can be preferable. UK runs at a frequency of 50 Hz.

Types of Adapters: The Plugs in UK are quite different from rest of the world. They have 3 long, flat prongs and are available in 2 types:
A. Both sets of basic adapters
B. One-off ones for longer durability.

Top Travel Adapters: Travel Ready High-Quality AC Power Travel Adapter, Specific Set: HTTX Grounded Type G Power Converter, Haozi Universal Power Adapter, BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter, USB Wall Charger Travel Plug, Mu Dual USB Universal Charger, BESTEK Grounded Universal Plug Worldwide Set
UK restaurants 1


Roman - Era Bath-Named after its famous roam baths, the beautiful city lure the visitors by its healing waters from centuries. The water gushes f...

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UK restaurants 2

Ancinet Stonehenge and Medieval Salisbury

Ancinet Stonehenge and Medieval Salisbury - Considered as one of the oldest world heritage sites, the place has been a pilgrimage for more than 4...

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UK restaurants 3

Wonderful Windsor

Wonderful Windsor - Located at a short distance from London, the city offers fantastic countryside views along with the spectacular Windsor castl...

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UK restaurants 4

Medieval York and its Minster

Medieval York and its Minster - The city boasts some of the most amazing cathedrals and the country’s largest medieval church-York Minster,...

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UK restaurants 5


Canterbury - The historic town of Canterbury draws numerous visitors and is situated at a short distance from London. The place has attracted pil...

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UK restaurants 6

Loch Ness and Inverness

Loch Ness and Inverness - This extremely popular tourist destination is considered as one of the UK’s most attractive destination among vis...

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UK restaurants 1

The Ledbury

For a country rich in cultural heritage and centuries of well preserved traditions, the culinary tradition is the most important aspect of life. The f...

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UK restaurants 2

The  table

The  table - The restaurant’s  is renowned for serving some of the best Scottish and English food and one can enjoy the delightfu...

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UK restaurants 3

Nok’s Kitchen

Nok’s Kitchen - An ideal location for tourists and travelers coming from south east Asia, the restaurant serves some of the best dishes of ...

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UK restaurants 4


Tattu - A perfect location for dining with the loved ones, the restaurant is a master in serving superb Japanese and other south East Asian cuisi...

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