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Visa Policy of UK

UK Tourist Visa needs some mandatory documents, for Visa processing. A Blank page on passport is necessary for visa processing. The passport must also be valid for the complete period-of-stay in UK.

TravAssured Tips:

  • Photographs must not be more than 3 months old, stapled/scanned and should not have used in any of the old visas.

  • Cover letter, iterating travel itinerary, traveler details, purpose of visit and stay-period. Letter should be duly attested by authorized signatory with the company stamp and must be addressed to the Visa Officer, British Deputy High Commission, Kolkata.

  • ITR of earlier 3 consecutive years.

  • Bank statements, mentioning transactions for past 6 months, duly attested, and signed by the bank authority.

  • Proof of Investments – Fixed Deposits, Mutual funds, Shares & Stocks, Saving certificates etc.

Cost of UK Tourist Visa: The UK Visa application fee, keeps on varying due to exchange relate fluctuations. However, based on the INR currency exchange rate vis-à-vis British Pound Sterling, the fee is INR 100.65 to one GBP, on November 12, 2018.

Duration of UK Visa Processing: The Indian passport holders can apply for a UK short-term visa at around INR 7956 for a maximum stay of 6 months. If all the relevant documents are submitted on-time and verified, a UK tourist visa gets normally processed within 15 days.

Mandatory Documents Required for UK Visitor Visa (Tourist Visa):

  • Original passport and all the old passports.

  • Passport must at least be valid for 6 months from the date of submission of the visa and must have minimum of 3 blank pages.

  • Confirmation of return flight tickets.

  • Duly filled online visa-application form by the applicant

  • 2 recent passport size, colored photographs with a matte finish, in a white background.

Curated Holiday Packages for UK

UK Holidays packages 1

Phuket - Pattaya - B 6 Nights

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The Best Of Thailand 9 Nights

UK Holidays packages 7

England Scotland Ams 8 Nights

UK Holidays packages 10

Romantic England Sco 8 Nights

UK Holidays packages 6

England Scotland Ire 9 Nights

UK Holidays packages 9

European Blockbuster 15 Nights

Cruise Holidays from UK

UK Holidays packages 1

4 Days Round Trip Cr 4 Days

UK Holidays packages 10

4 Nights Round Trip 4 Days

UK Holidays packages 10

8 Days Cunard Round 8 Days

UK Holidays packages 10

8 Days Round Trip Pr 8 Days

UK Holidays packages 10

Cruise from Hamburg 4 Days

UK Holidays packages 10

Cruise from Southamp 12 Days

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