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Continent: America Population: 32.72 crores Area: 9.834 million km² Time Zone: GMT-4 Nearest Airport: Memphis International Airporttest, Fort Worth Meacham International Airport.


Ideal Duration:10-12 days Currency:United States Dollar Best Time:May to September

The Northern USA grabs a large influx of tourists since it undergoes defined seasons and faces the same climate along the coasts. The Southern USA undergoes comparatively obvious seasons with differential temperatures, varying with geographical regions.

Curated Holiday Packages for USA

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West Coast USA 6 Nights

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USA Holidays packages 9

East Coast USA by Tr 4 Nights

USA Holidays packages 7

Highlights Of Kumaon 6 Nights

Cruise Holidays from USA

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USA Holidays packages 10

3 Night Caribbean - 4 Days

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5 Day Round Trip Bah 5 Days

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USA Holidays packages 10



Winters accompany heavy snowfalls with frozen lakes. Springs begin by May, marking the blooming of vibrant and colorful Flora and Fauna. Summers usually range from being comfortably warm to scorching hot, when the cities start giving constrained-vibes. The nature parks and the coastal areas however stay comparatively cooler. Autumn, meanwhile, is most popular for the amazingly beautiful leaf-transformation. The North-American Monsoon (NAM) extends from July – September. It originates over Mexico and by mid-July, it sprawls into the southwest US.
US Tourist Visa for Indians is a perennial activity since plethora of Indians every year apply for Tourist Visa to explore USA. The B-2 visa is for tourism, visiting brothers/relatives/friends, social services, and medical treatment and the permitted period of stay is 180 days. Following tips are worth noting, for Indian travelers looking to get the US Tourist Visa:
Reaching USA from India is easy and air travel is available from all the leading international airports in India. There are many airports in USA, major ones are- Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) & Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Air India and united flights operates direct flight from India to USA. Air India operates direct flight from New Delhi to New York, New Delhi to Chicago, New Delhi to Washington and Mumbai to New York. You can also book a connecting flight from major international airports in India like-New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Bengaluru to all the major airports of USA. Biggest airlines operating to USA are-Emirates, Air India, British Airways, Delta flights, Lufthansa, Etihad. Average flying time from New Delhi, India to USA-15 hours (Direct) 18 hours to 22 hours (Connecting) Average cost from New Delhi, India to USA-INR 36,000 to INR 65,000
USA runs at a 120V voltage supply and 60Hz frequency. Keeping this in mind, it becomes essential to carry all the relevant electrical appliances, to avoid any last-minute problems. We bring you, some of the relevant piece of information about the types of adapters you need to pack up, before boarding your flights to U.S.A:

Travel Adapter - It is a device that allows one to plug-in any of the UK electrical appliance/appliances into another/foreign electrical socket/sockets. A point worth noting here is that it is NOT a voltage/frequency convertor. In USA, there are 2 types of associated plugs:

Type A - It is the plug that has 2 flat parallel pins
Type B - It is the plug, that has 2 flat parallel pins + 1 Ground pins.

Voltage Convertor/Regulator - Sudden frequency/voltage changes can temporarily/permanently damage your electrical appliance. Since, most of the voltage/frequency converters/transformers are usually coupled with plug adaptors, one need not buy a separate travel adaptor.

Dual-Voltage Rated Appliance - Since USA runs on a 120V voltage supply which lies within the 110-240V range of a dual voltage appliance, so carrying a travel adapter would be enough in U.S.A.

Single-Voltage Rated Appliance - A single voltage appliance must be used along with a voltage converter/transformer, so that it can work properly and safely (unless it runs at 120V). Point to be noted here is that some of the travel adaptors are unsuitable for the appliances that need an earth connection. The above-mentioned travel adaptors are supposed to be used only with a double insulated equipment.
The travel in USA is one of the best in the world with wide number of travel options available across different routes. The infrastructure is the best and safest in the country.
Train, Taxi, Bus, Flights.
USA restaurants 1

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon - Located in northern Arizona, Grand Canyon is one of the popular tourist attractions in USA. The canyon is over 1.6 km in depth and...

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Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco - Completed in 1937, Golden gate bridge was the longest bridge in the world and become a popular attraction o...

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Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls - Niagara Falls is one of the most popular natural wonders located between the state of New York and the province of Ontario. Niaga...

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Florida Keys

Florida Keys - A long chain of tropical island stretching around 120 miles between the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. The place is popular fo...

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Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World - Opened in 1971 and located near Orlando, Florida, Walt Disney world is the most visited attraction in the world. Walt Disney ...

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The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty - Located on the Liberty Island in New York, this copper statue is a gift from the people of France to the United states. T...

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2M smokehouse

The country has always been at paramount point of innovation and quality which reflects not only in the local cuisine but also their love for food. Nu...

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USA restaurants 2

Atelier Crenn

Atelier Crenn - A dining experience here is no doubt expensive but is totally worth the wait and patience. The restaurant have magnificent presen...

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Brennan’s - The restaurant is well known for giving a classical twist to routine dishes and is at its best when it comes to the preparation...

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Jose Enrique

Jose Enrique - The restaurant has huge fan fair and the authenticity speaks for itself, the restaurant is popular amongst locals and teenagers al...

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The country is by far the most travelled and exotic destination in the world and is one f the destinations highly regarded for their food, culture and...

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Bollywood Theater

Bollywood Theater - This cozy place is best for the ones who are willing to take a detour from their routine food and are willing to indulge in m...

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