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Visa Policy of USA

US Tourist Visa for Indians is a perennial activity since plethora of Indians every year apply for Tourist Visa to explore USA. The B-2 visa is for tourism, visiting brothers/relatives/friends, social services, and medical treatment and the permitted period of stay is 180 days. Following tips are worth noting, for Indian travelers looking to get the US Tourist Visa:

TravAssured Tips:

  • Third-Party Nationals” is applicable on US Visa.

  • The complete visitor visa application form DS-160 is available online, so one can apply conveniently.

  • On a visa waiver, the maximum permitted stay in USA is 90 days.

  • Tourist Visa can be converted into Employment Visa, on certain terms and conditions* mentioned in the US Embassy website.

  • Safe Overstaying-Visa Period is 180 days.

  • Canadian Visa holder need not need a visa to visit Canada, if he/she is a permanent U.S Citizen. The I-551 can enter Canada.

  • Marriage on US Tourist Visa can be difficult, but it is possible. The critical period is of 90 days.

  • US Tourist Visa can be converted into the status of F-1 student after approval.

  • US tourist visa prohibits any job/employment prospects, during the stay.

Cost of US Tourist Visa: The most common non-immigrant visa types, including business, student, tourist, and exchange visas, cost $160, as the application fee.

Duration of Visa Processing: It usually takes about 1 or 2 weeks for Indians, US citizens needing a reference, the non-US citizens and for short term US Tourist Visas, to get processed. However, in some of the exceptional cases, it may take longer than usual.

Mandatory Documents Required for US Visitor Visa (Tourist Visa):

  • Original passport with smallest 6-month validity, beyond expected arrival date.

  • All the old passports.

  • 1 photograph/specification. Both the hard as well as the digital copies are needed.

  • DS160 US Visa application confirmation page must be clearly stamped at the Visa Application Center.

  • Receipt of fee payment, as a valid proof

  • Printout copy of the US Interview appointment letter.

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